Recent News

  • 09/2020
    Natalie Smolin, Bryce Hina, Beau Harris, and Jillian Saunders join the NCE Lab.
  • 09/2020
    The NCE Lab was awarded an R01 from the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke)!
  • 06/2020
    Connor Zabielski, Khang Duong, and Joseph Rajasekaran join the NCE Lab.
  • 04/2020
    Bhakti Marfatia and Alex Vasserman join the NCE Lab.
  • 09/2019
    The Neural-Circuit Engineering Lab was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (Division of Integrative Organismal Systems)!
  • 05/2019
    A new research article titled "Habituation Learning is a Widely Affected Mechanism in Drosophila Models of Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders" was published in Biological Psychiatry by Catherine von Reyn and colleagues Dr. Annette Schenck and Dr. Michaela Fenckova at Radboud University Medical Center, the Netherlands.
  • 04/2019
    The Neural-Circuit Engineering Lab was awarded a Margaret Q. Landenberger Research Foundation Grant!
  • 07/2018
    STAR scholars Pratishtha Guckhool and Neha Nevasekar join the lab.
  • 05/2018
    David Goodman receives a 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congrats David!
  • 09/2017
    Catherine von Reyn receives an NSF EAGER Grant for Innovative Research.
  • 06/2017
    STAR scholars Kah Young, Roze Alzabey, and Daniel Gallagher join the lab.
  • 05/2017
    Catherine von Reyn receives Drexel Career Development Award.
  • 01/2017
    Abby Eldredge, MS Student, joins the lab.
  • 08/2016
    David Goodman and Brennan McFarland, PhD Candidates, join the lab.
  • 04/2016
    HyoJong Jang, PhD Candidate, and Megan Brown, BS Student, join the lab.
  • 03/2016
    Linda Solomon, Research Specialist, joins the lab.
  • 01/2016
    The Neural-Circuit Engineering Lab is officially open!