Featured publications:

  1. Pierce Hadley, Yuanzhou Chen, Lariana Cline, Zhiyuan Han, Qizhi Tang, Xiao Huang* , Tejal Desai*. Precise surface functionalization of PLGA particles for human T cell modulation. Nature Protocols, in press. (*co-corresponding author)
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  3. Xiao Hunag, Xiaoyu Shi, Mollie Eva Hansen, Initha Setiady, Cameron L. Nemeth, Anna Celli, Bo Huang, Theodora Mauro, Michael Koval, Tejal A. Desai. Nanotopography enhances dynamic remodeling of tight junction proteins through cytosolic liquid complexes. ACS nano, 2020, 14: 13192-13202.
  4. Xiao Hunag, Yifan Lai, Gary B. Braun, Norbert O. Reich. Modularized gold nanocarriers for TAT-mediated delivery of siRNA. Small, 2017,13(8): 1602473. Featured by Small as cover image.
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