6th Annual UHMWPE Conference

The University of Torino in collaboration with the Implant Research Center of Drexel University and Exponent organized the 6th International UHMWPE Meeting, which was convened at the Congress Center "Unione Industriale," in Torino Italy, on Thursday and Friday, October 10-11, 2013. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together engineers, scientists, and clinicians from academia and industry and present leading edge research on advancements in medical grade UHMWPE technology and clinical applications.

The focus of the 6th meeting was on clinical and retrieval studies of highly crosslinked UHMWPE, with a special emphasis on the performance of thin acetabular liners and knee arthroplasty; advances in Vitamin E and new antioxidant technologies for UHMWPE; structural composites and woven fiber applications of medical grade UHMWPE; as well as advances in biologic aspects of UHMWPE wear debris incorporating Vitamin E.

Key Questions Addressed in the Conference:

  • How far can we push the envelope with HXLPE in THA? When does thin become TOO thin?
  • Does clinical and retrieval data support the use of HXLPE in TKA?
  • Which are the most promising antioxidants for medical grade UHMWPE?
  • What new additive technologies have recently emerged for HXLPE?
  • Do antioxidants improve the biocompatibility of UHMWPE debris?